Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fun Link

Today the AV Club did a great piece on overused literary adaptations. They made a list of the most over-used examples of books turned into movies. For obvious reasons, I was most intrigued by their ideas about The Great Gatsby. It might be my favorite book in the entire world, but I absolutely loathe the film versions (particularly the Robert Redford version because Robert Redford is an absolutely terrible Jay Gatsby). Now, thanks to this article, I am super-obsessed with the idea of a really image-based director tackling the book. Fitzgerald's novel is so heavy in imagery and dreamlike obsessions that it would be awesome to see a director interested mainly in those concepts take on the book.

Anyway, enjoy the list!,38199/

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  1. Very interesting! I actually have a friend at IU who is proposing a course on adaptations of literature. I've forwarded this article along to her!

    Although, I have to say, I think I'd watch pretty much every Alice in Wonderland adaptation. I just love Alice so much. I'm currently reading this YA series called "The Looking-Glass Wars," which is a retelling of Carroll's story. So good!