Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 2011 in Review

Total Pages Read in May: 1,301

It's been a slow reading month.  I read fewer pages and books than in any other month this year.  It was for a good reason, though.  I was out of town for a week at the end of June to visit friends in Kansas, and I didn't touch a book the whole time I was gone.  Losing more than a full week to the trip and its preparation cost me precious reading time, but it was time well spent with people I love.

I read a couple books I really loved this month, including one of Markus Zusak's older novels.  Rumor has it that Zusak will be releasing a new book this fall (in the UK and Australia, at least), which I am SUPER EXCITED about, obviously.

Overall, a pretty good reading month.  July promises to be even better.  I'm currently in the middle of Wuthering Heights, a book I will have a lot to say about by the time I finish it.  You can't quite imagine this book; it's so different from everything else out there.  I have some books by favorites Neil Gaiman and Alice Hoffman on my desk, too.  I can't wait to get to all this great stuff!


  1. Have you not read Wuthering Heights before? It was required reading my Sr. year of high school. It's so twisted. Those Bronte sisters sure knew how to make a story dark.

  2. Somehow I made it through high school and four years of being an English major without once reading Wuthering Heights. I think my profs were always more Jane Austen people than Bronte people. It is one bizarre book.