Sunday, March 20, 2011

Poem-Related Interview of the Week

I am in the middle of completely cleaning out and re-organizing my bedroom closet. I can't even begin to describe just what a huge task this is. There are things in that closet that have been there since I was a little kid. In the end, this mess will be worth it. But in the meantime, it's very time- and thought-consuming. So my mind is having a hard time thinking about poetry right now. So instead, I am posting a link to an interesting interview from the Poetry Foundation website with actor, writer, and renaissance man James Franco. I have mixed feelings about Franco. I've been fan of his acting since I was a teenager, but I find his artsy-preciousness a little grating. And as someone who has struggled to get into an MFA program despite being a writer for my whole life, it annoyed me that he basically walked into one of the best programs in the country and published a book immediately afterwards.

But I can't argue that he does come across as a genuine poetry fan. There are so few poetry lovers out there that this interview reads as very exciting to me. Also, I am now all set to see this new movie about Hart Crane. It makes me like James Franco all over again (even if he does have a bit of annoying pretension to him). Enjoy!

James Franco Interview

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