Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some Notes

Hey, everyone. Other than posting reviews and poems, I feel like I've been pretty out of touch with this blog. So I thought I'd send a few notes your way to reassure you that I am getting this thing under control again.

  • I promise to get some more fun content back on here. I've been missing my lists, occasional passages, and random thoughts as much as I hope you have. I'm also going to do more open letters to writers, both dead and living. Since I've changed jobs, I've slacked off in the fun department, so I hope to return to more exciting posts soon.

  • Next week is Fitzgerald's Birthday. Like last year, I'll be celebrating with a week-long look at all things Fitzgerald. Also, I'm tackling an enormous Fitz biography which might take me awhile to finish.

  • Finally, look at this website! http://www.lettersofnote.com/ It's a blog of random letters from various people at various times. A new letter is posted every weekday, and it is awesome. I'm particularly obsessed with the literary heavyweight's letters, although I am also a fan of this sweet letter by actor/nerd Wil Wheaton. Enjoy!

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions about things I should add to this blog, I am always happy to hear them. Post in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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  1. If you enjoy letters, there's a book I picked up a few years ago called "Letters of a Nation." It's a collection of letters all written by famous Americans since the founding of the country. The letters of Alexander Hamilton a few pages from one of Groucho Marx's. :)